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Trend lines are one of the most common forms of technical analysis. But are you drawing them correctly? If not, let me show you how. There's a vast array of different forms of technical analysis used to analyze the markets. And by far, the most common form used is that of support and resistance. Before we get started, you can... Continue Reading

Losing money is part of the game and it's called 'drawdown'. Losses in the forex market inevitable happen to all of us, but what is the real cost when you lose? If you have a big drawdown, you'll need big gains to get back to where you started. In this video, I'll show you a graph that illustrates the damage... Continue Reading

Most retail traders look at the Forex market in terms of Forex pairs (the EURUSD, the EURJPY, or the GBPEUR). But how do you know which currency is the strongest or the weakest around the world at a certain time? The answer - the momentum meter indicator, also known as the forex momentum meter. This is how the banks look... Continue Reading

Not many people know what the 'Forex Swap' is and how it can either cost you money or indeed make you money. It's important to know that the swap can affect your account especially if you hold trades for long periods. You might think you know all the costs involved in Forex trading, but do you really? Also called the... Continue Reading

The brokerage industry is quite complicated, especially for a beginner in Forex trading.  In simple words, you can only get access to the market through your broker and Forex is the only market where the broker can trade against you. But before we get started you may want to visit our Trusted Brokers page, verified and recommended by our professional... Continue Reading

It is essential to understand how to use a forex platform before you actually start trading on it. Usually, beginner traders use a demo account to learn how to trade, which guarantees that their real money will not be under any risk. This blog is going to explore the best approach regarding trading with real money on a live account or starting to learn on a... Continue Reading

If you find yourself asking: “is swing trading better than scalping?” or "do scalpers make more money than day traders?", then keep reading this blog and you'll find the answers to all your questions. Most of the aspiring traders are asking me at the beginning of their Forex journey: "what trading approach is the most profitable?" And usually, I answer... Continue Reading

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