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So you’re thinking about starting your own forex trading managed account? You’ve come to the right place! I consider myself the pre-eminent expert within the industry of Forex MAM’s, PAMM’s, and Forex trading managed accounts.  Here’s why you should listen to what I have to say: I’m the managing director of both Think Huge and Think Huge Investments I oversee $10mil+ of investor... Continue Reading

Should I Buy Bitcoin?

By Forex Signals

“Should I buy Bitcoin?” I’ve been asked this question more than ever recently. People unfamiliar with the financial markets, trading, or even Bitcoin seem to think it’s a good idea to purchase some of the mythical computer code from the blockchain in exchange for their hard earned dollars/pounds/euro’s. I’m reminded of a piece of advice given to me from my... Continue Reading

Trading With Forex Signals

By Forex Signals

Should you trade using forex signals? Yes! But… You’re never going to get rich following trading signals. Even those provided by us, the world's foremost forex signal site. When my team and I send out our signals, we work to provide as much detail as possible on the reason behind each trade. It’s true that the majority of our signals... Continue Reading

Stop Selling Your Time!

By Nick McDonald

Read time: 3 minutes Financial freedom? Wealth & Status? A gold Lambogini? Wanker...  All legitimate reasons we get into forex trading. But I want to take a step back and get you thinking about how to make that happen. Real wealth isn't made by discovering the worlds best trading strategy or inventing the next Candy Crush Saga vs Angry Birds... Continue Reading

5 Of The Best Forex Scams

By Nick McDonald

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of scams during my 6 years working at the coal face of retail forex trading. Some of the best forex trading scams are hard to pick, so stick with me through this post and you’ll be able to identify the most common tricks used by dodgy forex vendors in the biggest financial market in the... Continue Reading

Blueberry Markets Review

By Nick McDonald

As prolific traders, we're well placed to provide informed reviews on dozens of brokers. Today I'd like to offer you my honest review of Blueberry Markets. It should be no surprise to those of you familiar with us here at that we're huge fans of Blueberry Markets. We brought them on as one of our Trusted Brokers 3 months ago, and... Continue Reading

I hope you already understand the importance of having goals in life. So I won't start quoting Tony Robbins for you, but I will mention some specifics that help you set realistic goals to help your trading. Listen to me! I'm sweaty!  Ok. Seriously now. Keep a trading journalEvery time you open and close a position, you must make an... Continue Reading

What's all this talk of A-Book and B-Book brokers I hear you say? Let me explain in simple English. At the end of this post, you'll be able to explain to all your rookie trader buddies the secret workings of the brokerage industry. I guarantee you'll be able to impress them and totally sound like you know what you're talking... Continue Reading

So, you’ve received an alert from Myfxbook Autotrade that your strategy meets their criteria and is eligible for their signal copying platform to trade foreign exchange markets. Congratulations! This is surely a magnificent day, the next step to becoming a professional trader. The feeling of having your trading endorsed by a trusted website such as Myfxbook is wonderful. That dream... Continue Reading

Imagine if you could live the life of a forex god. Your desk containing every tool a trader could want and an army of anonymous internet weirdo’s to worship your every decision, paying tens of thousands of dollars a month to ride your coat tails. That’s what happened to Jeff, the trader behind FX Viper and the subject of my... Continue Reading Limited Offer
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